Cat Silirie Curates: The Trio Series #4: "Summer Chillin; 2 Cool Reds and 1 Bright White"

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Bin Ends is thrilled to bring you Chapter 4 of Cat Silirie Curates: The Trio Series "Summer Chillin; 2 Cool Reds and 1 Bright White"!

Cat has dedicated today's Trio to those who want to enjoy wines that are not only delicious and refreshing but also are elegant, complex, distinct, and richly satisfying. Cat has carefully curated artisinal wines that are big on flavor and texture yet have the mouthwatering acidity and modest tannins to keep them light on their feet - and the best part? They are the most enjoyable when served with a chill, including the reds...

...and speaking of reds, summertime is no time to set aside your favorite libation, dear red wine-loving readers. The world is full of gorgeous, terroir-driven red wines that will enthrall your palate without weighing it down, and the two red wines Cat has selected represent the very best of the best. Cat loves to pair them with classic, seasonal summer fare: a perfectly grilled tuna steak; watermelon salad with feta and mint; a barbecued burger eaten outside; cold fried chicken on a picnic! These foods are all elevated to greater heights when washed down with a slightly chilled, fragrant, flavorful red wine!

Knowing that when entertaining it is always best to have options, Cat has also included a white wine that will add a delightful new dimension to your stash of summer sippers. One sip will tell you that you don't have to give up body and complexity during the warmer months. Entwined with lip-smacking white pepper spice, this wine will be a welcome addition to your summer lineup. 

2019 Gurrieri Frappato "Vittoria" Sicily, Italy
Famiglia Gurrieri specializes in wine crafted from indigenous Sicilian varietals, including today's beautifully perfumed frappato, grown in the Vittoria region of southeastern Sicily. They farm their land organically in order to preserve the land as well as the true character of the fruit. Vincenzo Gurrieri purchased this property in the 1970s and has made quite a name for himself. At 77 years old he is still up at 4:00 a.m. tending to his vines and managing his crew of a half dozen workers during the growing season.

We know frappato best as part of the blend for the local DOCG wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria (which is frappato blended with nero d'avola). Frappato is responsible for the wine's bright, distinctive flavor of black cherries and strawberries. Pure frappato wines are almost always light-bodied and low in tannins. This is due chiefly to the variety's thin, delicate skins. However, these wines have nuanced, layered flavors that leap out of the glass, especially when slightly chilled. Pro tip: This is a fabulous red wine with FISH!

2020 Robert Sérol Gamay Rouge "Eclat de Granit" Côte Roannaise, Loire Valley, France
Located at the foothills of the Madeleine Mountains, the 200 hectares of the Côte Roannaise AOP are among the original vineyards of the Loire Valley. While geographically and officially part of the Loire, the Côte Roannaise is closer in the distance, geology, and wine-making to Beaujolais. Part of a region known as "The Volcanic Loire", it boasts soils of granite and volcanic basalt that give gamay minerality and drive. The best producer of this unique small appellation is Domaine Sérol, led by Stephane Sérol and his wife Carine since 1998. From 28 hectares they produce a range of distinctive wines marked by elegance, freshness, and, of course, minerality. They famously produce a cuvée exclusively for the neighboring Michelin three-star restaurant ‘Troisgros’. The Sérols are great friends of the Troigros family: Michel Troigros co-owns the "Les Blondins" Vineyard with them.

The Sérol property dates back to the 17th century and was passed from generation to generation.
When Stéphane took over in 1998, the domaine totalled 12 hectares. Very attached to the Côte Roannaise, he cleared new plots on the finest hillsides to replant. With his wife, Carine, they converted the domaine to organic and then to biodynamic viticulture, with the aim of preserving the purity of the appellation's terroir.

2020 Bernhard Ott Grüner Veltliner "Am Berg" Wagram, Austria
The Ott family has been growing and producing wine in the region of Wagram in Lower Austria since 1889. Bernhard Ott is of the fourth generation and has managed the winery since 1993 when he took the helm from his father. When he came home to the winery as a 21-year-old, he was interested in producing wines of the highest quality. Bernhard wanted to prove that elegant and long-lived wines could be produced from Grüner Veltliner grown in loess** soil, specifically from Rosenberg vineyard. Bernhard replaced the old wooden casks with stainless steel and began working the vineyards biodynamically in order to preserve the purity of expression in the finished wines.
Today, Bernhard is looking back to previous generations for inspiration and to inform both his work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Grapes are picked at full ripeness, but thanks to biodynamic farming and composting, the sugar ripeness stays very moderate. Aged "on the lees" for several months before bottling, Ott's finished wines are masterpieces that are mouthwateringly juicy yet terroir-driven and lushly-textured.

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