Domaine Labbé Vin de Savoie Abymes Savoy, France

SKU: Labbé Vin de Savoie Abymes
Domaine Labbé Vin de Savoie Abymes Savoy, France

Domaine Labbé Vin de Savoie Abymes Savoy, France

SKU: Labbé Vin de Savoie Abymes
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Savoy (French: Savoie) is a wine region situated in the Savoy region in eastern France, and is sometimes referred to as the country of the Allobroges. It is the only alpine wine region in France, and is known for grape varieties rarely grown elsewhere, including Jacquère, Roussanne, Altesse (also known as Roussette) and Gringet for white wines, and Mondeuse for reds.
Simultaneously known as the Savoy, French Savoie, Italian Savoia, all being the historical and cultural region encompassing the Haute-Savoie and Savoie departements, in the Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France. Most of the wine growing region features an alpine climate or a subalpine climate.

The wine designation "Abymes" is one of 17 wine crus allowed to add their names to the Vin de Savoie appellation. The name Abymes comes from the French word “abimé” which means broken and refers to the broken stones in the avalanches from the mountains Alps. More specifically it refers to the cataclysmic avalanche of November 25th, 1248 when an entire side of the Mont Granier sheared off and destroyed 12 square kilometers, including the town of Saint Andre and fifteen hamlets. Almost 5,000 people perished. The land remained uncultivated until the 18th century, when some vines were re-planted. The soil is a mix of stones, limestone blocks and marl.

Some 15km south of Chambéry, in spectacular Alpine scenery, you find this small 10 hectare family estate. The domaine was founded by Roger and Marc Labbe in 1975. At the time, Roger was getting by on mixed farming. He and Marc and another brother worked the vines on the weekends, planting Appellation Controlee grapes. In 2004 they passed the baton passed to their children, cousins Alexandra and Jérome, who have brought new passion to the work. The wines are fresh and mineral, and of unusually good value.
The Domaine Labbé Vin de Savoie "Abymes" Savoy is 100% Jacquere ‐ even though 10% other grape varieties are allowed. The Labbe’s prefer to feature the purity of the Jacquere grape. The grapes are grown on argilo/calcaire soil consisting of large stones from thousands of years of alpine avalanches. The estate is made up of 10 hectares and Famille Labbes control yields by strategically de‐budding vines in the spring. This labor intensive practice is rare to find at this price point. Grass grows in the rows between the vines to fertilize and oxygenate the soil ‐ this practice also forces the vines' root systems to go deeper for nourishment and soak up the
terroir of the subsoil. Vinification practices preserve both varietal typicity and freshness ‐ the cellar temperature is controlled, and indigenous yeasts are used in fermentation. They use only non‐reactive tanks and foudres for aging.
The cellar temperature is controlled and fermentation occurs through indigenous yeasts in non‐reactive tanks/foudres.100% stainless steel tank fermentation. The wine is held under pressure, in tank, and bottled as needed.

Producer Name: Domaine Labbé
Old/New World: Old World
Country of Origin: France
Region: Savoie
Sub-Region: Abymes
Appellation: AOC
Grape Varietals: 100% Jacquere 
Vintage: 2020
Product Type: Wine
Wine Style: Light Bodied White Wine
Viticultural Features: controlled and low yields by strategically de‐budding vines in the spring, which is a labor intensive practice and is rare to find at this price point. 
Winemaking Techniques: Vinification practices preserve both varietal typicity and freshness
Winemaker: Famille  Labbé
ABV: 11%
Pack/Size: 12/750
Container Type: tall clear green glass bottle
Closure Style: cork

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