Peter Zemmer Chardonnay- Alto Adige, Italy 2019

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The Alto Adige DOC region is also known as the Sudtirol in the German language and is a wine-producing province in northeast Italy. It constitutes the northern half of the Trentino-Alto Adige wine region (the southern half being Trentino). Alto Adige is a region of topographical and climatic extremes. The region's key vineyard zones trace the north-south path of the Adige River and are planted on the valley floor and the slopes above, many of which are incredibly steep. Wine was made in this area even before the Romans arrived, and some evidence suggests production dates as far back as the Iron Age.

Zemmer is a traditional family-owned winery situated in the lowlands of Alto Adige, which has been established as a classic wine area by generations of winegrowers. For almost a century now, viticulture has been part of the Zemmer family, and the enthusiasm for wine is still deeply embedded in their hearts. The Zemmer family attaches great importance to the production of wines that accurately reflect their alpine character of origin and also expressively unite the unique terrain.
Tasting notes from the winery: "Zemmer Chardonnay has fruit aromas of banana and melon, with a broad and colorful palate that is juicy, flavorful, and with an inviting and continuous lasting quality. Recommended food pairings include appetizers, pasta dishes, and white meats".

Producer Name: Peter Zemmer
Old/New World: Old World
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Alto-Adige
Appellation: DOC
Grape Varietals: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2019
Product Type: Wine
Wine Style:Full Bodied White Wine
Viticultural Features: this chardonnay grows in the best vineyard zones of the valley floor around the center of Cortina, which is a favorable location for Chardonnay with its ideal sunshine.
Winemaking Techniques: Before being passed through the press, the grapes are allowed a few hours of maceration with the skins to accentuate the fruitiness and are then fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats.
Winemaker: Peter Zemmer
ABV: 13.5
Pack/Size: 12/750
Container Type: Dark Green Glass Burgundy-styled bottle
Closure Style: Stelvin

Buy 6+Bottles @$12.00 SAVE 33%

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