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Braida, Brachetto d'Acqui- Piedmont, Italy 2020

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*"The Braida properties are located between Monferrato Asti and Langhe. Brachetto is grown on the rolling hills in the zone of Acqui, an area dedicated to the production of the Brachetto. For several generations the  Braida family has cultivated vineyards here. The vineyards once belonged to grandfather Giuseppe, then they passed to our father Giacomo Bologna, now we, Giuseppe and Raffaella Bologna cultivate them. The company was born from the enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial courage of our father Giacomo Bologna"
"Brachetto is a light ruby red color with purple reflections, with a lively bubbly froth and persistent perlage. Luxuriant, fragrant and aromatic bouquet, with clear hints of ripe red fruit and dried rose. Sweet, soft, delicate, sparkling, persuasive flavor with a long aromatic persistence. It accompanies strawberries, berries, as it can also harmonize with dried fruit; walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, figs. The most traditional combinations are with dessert at the end of a meal or mid-afternoon, and with dry pastries and baked desserts, from Christmas panettone to tarts. Braida Brachetto d'Acqui is perhaps the only wine in the world that, above all, goes well with chocolate".

*from the wineries website 

Producer Name: Braida
Old/New World: Old World
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Sub-Region: d'Acqui
Appellation: Brachetto d'Acqui
Quality Designation: DOCG
Grape Varietals: Brachetto
Vintage: 2018
Product Type: Wine
Wine Style: red dessert wine in a lightly sparkling style (frizzante).
Viticultural Features: Brachetto is grown on the rolling hills in the zone of Acqui, an area dedicated to the production of the Brachetto.
Winemaking Techniques: Steel tanks for fermentation and maceration of the skins at a controlled temperature for 36-48 hours. Passage in autoclave for the second fermentation. After stabilization and microfiltration, bottle aging follows.
Winemaker: Raffaella and Giuseppe Bologna, brother and sister team.
Pack/Size: 6/750
Container Type: Burgundy-style bottle
Closure Style: stelvin


Buy 3+ Bottles: $15.40 SAVE 30%

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