Henriques and Henriques, 15 Years Old Boal Madeira Portugal NV

Madeira is a Portuguese-owned archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 miles (970km) southwest of Lisbon and 450 miles due west of the north African coast. It gives its name to one of the world's great fortified wines. Both the wine and the island hold unique places in the history of wine. All fortified wine from the island is now produced under the Madeira DOC.

About Henriques & Henriques Madeira:
It might be said that the history of Henriques & Henriques is the history of Madeira itself. Legend has it that Infante Dom Henriques planted the island’s first vines in 1425. These vines gave fruit to one of the “first families of Madeira” and in the process sunk deep roots which Henriques’ descendants and successors continue to draw upon in guiding H&H today.

About Boal: 
Along with Sercial, Verdelho and Malvasia, Boal is one of the classic white grapes of Madeira. In its youth, it is the darkest of the classic varieties, ranging from tawny to tortoise shell in color. Sweeter than Verdelho, yet less so than Malvasia, Boal is "meio doce"=“medium-sweet”, thought to offer Madeira lovers the ideal combination of elegance and richness. Redolent of dried fruit, barley sugar, crème brûlée and caramel, its volume is checked by its natural tang of acidity; the finish is surprisingly dry and delineated. Vintage wines tend to grow subtler and more Verdelho-like with extended elevage. There are currently just 15.5 ha under vine on the island!

Tasting Notes: Composed in the rich, concentrated style for which the house is renowned, the H&H Boal 15-Year is a full symphony of flavors: Molasses, orange and gingerbread; nutmeg, clove and honey; with evanescent notes of green tea and wildflowers. This is a madeira of multiple movements, reaching its gentle apogee in the long portamento finish.


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