Kellerei St. Paul's Sauvignon Südtirol Alto Adige Italy

SKU: St.PaulAltoAdigeSauvignonBlanc
Kellerei St. Paul's Sauvignon Südtirol Alto Adige Italy

Kellerei St. Paul's Sauvignon Südtirol Alto Adige Italy

SKU: St.PaulAltoAdigeSauvignonBlanc
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Founded in 1907, St. Paul's Winery (Kellerei St. Paul in German and Cantina San Paolo as they are also known as in Italian) for generations has aimed at producing wines with clear identities that highlight the uniqueness of their terroirs. The vineyards around St. Pauls distinguish themselves through different exposures, altitudes (300 to 700 metres above sea level), and soil compositions.The Italian wine region of Alto Adige lies protected on the south side of the Alps and enjoys 1800 hours of sunshine a year, well aired by the downdraught from the Mendel range and with a climate distinguished by warm days and cool nights, St. Paul's vineyards deliver high-quality grapes that are, according to the old tradition, harvested by hand. 

The winegrowing families of St. Pauls winery cultivate their vineyards with great care, predominantly by hand – 185 hectares of the best locations in one of the prettiest wine areas of South Tyrol.  St. Paul's winery has a mission statement of their values and their vision  based upon the values of togetherness, mindfulness and courage, vital principles that they as wine-growing members along with their staff  and their management all share and live by. "Togetherness: we want to experience wine as one and let others experience it. Mindfulness: we are all aware of our social, ecological and economic situation. Courageous: we have the resolve to change and make decisions".
Tasting Notes from the winery:"Classic Sauvignon Blanc aromas with notes of gooseberry, elderflowers and exotic fruits.
Aromatic, succulent with a characteristic mineral finish. Enjoy as your aperitif, as well as with asparagus, rich starters and grilled fish".

Producer Name: Kellerei St. Paul's
Old/New World: Old World 
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Alto Adige (Sudtirol)
Appellation: DOC
Grape Varietals: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2022
Product Type: Wine
Wine Style: Medium Bodied White WIne 
Viticultural Features: Vineyards are 300 to 700 metres above sea level
Winemaking Techniques: Slow fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks
ABV: 13%
Pack/Size: 12/750
Container Type: dark green glass Burgundy-style bottle
Closure Style: cork

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